Is it Time to Have Repointing Done to Your House?

Is it Time to Have Repointing Done to Your House?

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Do you own an old stone or brick house? If so, please keep reading about repointing!

For stone and brick homes, over time wear and tear can happen to the exterior of your home due to weather and decay. This can cause voids to form in the joints and allow excess water to enter. When this happens, cracks will start to form in your mortar and over time it will start to crumble out and damage the structure of your home.

Because of this, taking care of the issue before it gets worse is important. The method in fixing this is called repointing. While you may feel you’re handy, this is not a task just anyone should complete. As long as the repointing technique is done properly, the work will last. With this in mind, this is why you want to make sure you have a professional who knows what they are doing. Here at A Stone’s Throw we have the experience in repointing both brick and stone houses.

There are many factors that come into play when repointing, which is why we suggest a professional takes care of this task. For starters, picking the right type of mortar is key, and you also need to make sure that the moisture within the wall has the ability to escape and evaporate. If the moisture doesn’t have that ability, it could result in permanent damage to your house.

While you may not think your whole house needs to repointed, it is not a bad idea to have it all completed. The reason for this is while you may think only one section is damaged, the damage from that area could have affected the rest of the exterior of your home.

This also gives you the opportunity to change the color of your mortar. By doing this you can create an aesthetic effect on your house. Mortar is available in a variety of colors such as grey, white, buff, dark brown, and chocolate.

If you are unsure whether your home needs to be repointed or not, give us a call. We will be happy to come out and give you an assessment as well as an estimate on the work. We have assisted many homes in and around the Leesport, PA area in enhancing the structure of their home through the repointing process. Contact us today!