Adding Hardscape Lighting

Adding Hardscape Lighting

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Adding exterior lights to your hardscaping and/or landscaping is a great way to brighten up your house at night. They provide many benefits such as increasing the appearance of your home and improving your security and the safety of yourself and your family. Whether you choose to go with solar lights to save some money or wall mounted lights, both are a great choice, and both can be installed by A Stone’s Throw. Let’s look further at the advantages of adding landscape lighting with your next project.

Increase the Appearance

Adding lighting with your hardscaping or landscaping is a great way to show off the design of your landscaping as well as your home. It can add additional beauty and great curb appeal to your home. Adding some lighting under trees is also a great way to give off a dramatic appearance.

Gives More Security

Exterior lighting gives your family and home more security because that theft is less likely to happen at homes that have adequate lighting. Adding exterior lighting not only to the front of your house but also the back is key when thinking about your security. Also, don’t allow for a dark spot near your house where a burglar could have access to getting inside your home. If you are concerned about your security, keep your lights on from dusk until dawn. If you choose to do this, keep your electric bill down by using LED light bulbs.

Safety for Your Family and Guests
When there is lighting, whether along your walkway or around your patio, this gives a safety benefit as well as the above benefits. The reason for this is that it reduces the ability for someone to trip and fall or have another possible injury, where limited lighting is a factor. Lights illuminating your home, driveway and walkway allow for your family and guests to get into the house safely.

Perfect Addition for Events

Do you enjoy hosting picnics and parties with your family and friends during the warmer months? If so, having it outside is always a benefit, and with proper exterior lighting, it could set the perfect mood for those events.

Nighttime lighting, the looks and the functionality, is dependent upon how you plan to use them once they are installed. If you’re interested in exterior lighting, contact us today and let’s discuss your possibilities.