Radiant Heat System, A Snow Removal Alternative

Radiant Heat System, A Snow Removal Alternative

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While this winter hasn’t been as harsh as others, we are still experiencing our fair share of snow, sleet and ice. Chances are your back is either hurting by now from the shoveling, or you’re tired of paying the plow guy. Are you looking for a solution to eliminate these realities?   One way to do this is by having an electric radiant heat system installed under your driveway, sidewalks and even patio!

What is a radiant heat system?
It is a system that is a fully automated, maintenance-free snow and ice melt solution. And, while this is great for every homeowner, it is also great for commercial properties as well, because it reduces the liability for any slips and falls that may happen on your commercial property.

So, how does it work?
Heating cables are laid down before concrete is poured or pavers are installed. Once the system is set up, it is all activated by a snow sensor. This snow sensor can actually detect precipitation when the temperature is below 39 degrees.  When it is activated, it will warm up and keep your driveway, sidewalk and patio snow-free!

Here at A Stone’s Throw, LLC, we know your time is valuable and spending time shoveling all the snow and ice is not what you want to be doing with your day or evening in the wintertime. By having a new radiant heat system installed, you’ll be able to save yourself time and back pain! We have worked with many individuals and businesses in and around the Leesport and Wyomissing areas to get their new radiant heat system installed under driveways, patios and sidewalks. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get back your time in the winter!

Photo taken by ProLine Radiant Heat Solutions.