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Is It Time to Update Your Patio?

stone patio wall

Even if you have a paver patio, over time you may find that you no longer like the look of it, or you want to increase your outdoor living space by adding on to it. For times like this, it may be time to update your patio. A Stone’s Throw can help!

Time for something new?

While pavers can last a very long time, sometimes something we liked one day, we discover years later we want something new. This happens with many updates we make in our house, so why should your patio be any different? If you’re ready for something new, here at A Stone’s Throw we can help! Working with many families in and around Berks County to design and build unique patios gives us the experience to build the patio you have only been dreaming about. Maybe you’re looking for a new color paver, or maybe you are looking for a new design; whatever the case may be, your options are endless on what you can do!

Ready to expand?

Maybe you still like the look of your current patio but you are just thinking you’re ready to add on to it. Anymore, the options are endless on what you can do to your outdoor living space. Here are a few
add-on ideas:

  • Built-in Fire Pit
  • Pizza Oven
  • Outdoor Bar
  • Complete Outdoor Kitchen
  • Gazebo

These are just a few items you can do to add on to your already existing patio. In the end, whatever you decide to add, you want to make sure it matches and flows with your current space with a feel that it has been there the whole time. Working with a professional is the right way to go when doing this as we have the experience needed to complete this task.

Whether you’re looking to update your current patio or expand on your existing one, A Stone’s Throw can help! We have the experience needed to get the job done right. Interested in discuss further and getting a free quote? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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