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Four Benefits of Adding A Retaining Wall

retaining walls beside garage

How many times do you deal with water in your basement because of water runoff from a hill on your property? Maybe it doesn’t end up in your basement, but it can cause a muddy mess if not taken care of.  Or maybe you’re just looking to add an attractive element to your home, whatever your reasoning, adding a retaining wall to your hardscape has many benefits.

Let’s discuss…

Water Runoff

If you struggle with water runoffs when it’s raining, a retaining wall can actually help reduce the speed and flow of that water. Say for instance, you want your water runoff to not go towards your house but around the side of your house, a retaining wall can actually help divert the water.

Add Beauty

Adding a retaining wall, whether to the front of your yard or the back of your yard can add extra beauty to your landscaping and hardscaping. Depending on how and where you would like it designed it can also create a flat space where you can add flowers and plants to give more color to your yard.

Reduce Maintenance

When adding a retaining wall, you are reducing the amount of maintenance you need to do around your house. Granted, if you add flowers and plants, there will be the pulling weeds and adding mulch, but it will reduce the amount of grass you have to mow! Also, if you add one because of water runoff into your basement, this will eliminate that issue and the need to clear out the basement after every rain or downpour.

Property Value

One last benefit of retaining walls is they will add value to your home when it comes time to sell it. They also are great for curb appeal and how your home looks to potential homebuyers.

In the end, a retaining wall adds great value to your home and is a benefit for many reasons! Let A Stone’s Throw handle the design and installation of your retaining wall and be sure it’s done right!

A Stone’s Throw, LLC creates beautiful hardscaping projects for individuals around the Leesport PA, Wyomissing PA, and Hamburg PA area. We strive to create your beautiful outdoor oasis!

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