Benefits of Adding onto Your Outdoor Living Space

Benefits of Adding onto Your Outdoor Living Space

During the warmer months, everyone want to spend more time outdoors. For homeowners, adding onto your outdoor living space is a great way to not only spend more time outdoors but to also increase the value of your home. Whether you’re thinking about adding a simple patio or a patio with an outdoor kitchen, whatever you decide you can’t go wrong! Let’s dive deeper into some reasons why.

Increase Your Living Space
By adding a patio onto your house, you’re not only able to enjoy the outdoors more, but you are also increasing your living space. If you want to think about it this way, you’re adding more square footage to your house.

Great for Entertaining
Are you someone who likes to have friends and family over randomly? If so, adding a patio with a bar will definitely step up your entertaining game! More than just a bar, you can add an outdoor oven to enjoy some delicious pizza (see our previous blog about this), as well as a custom fire pit for those cooler nights when everyone wants to sit around the fire and enjoy s’mores!

Relieves Stress
Imagine this, you come home after a crazy day at the office; you’re stressed out and just need to find some way to relax. Well, if you didn’t know, it is scientifically proven that spending time outside can help reduce your stress levels. So, by having a beautiful custom-built patio at your home, you can get home from that crazy work day, grab a nice cold beverage and head outside to relax in the comfort of your own backyard.

Great Return on Your Investment
By adding outdoor living space, when you go to sell it, you will easily be able to receive a return on the investment. Let’s look at a few:

  • Patio – By adding a patio onto your house, you could get well over 100% of your ROI.
  • Outdoor Kitchen – Depending on where you live could depend on what type of ROI you could receive, but for outdoor kitchens you could see anywhere from 100 – 200% ROI!
  • Fire Pit – Fire pits are great additions to a house and could get you on average about an 80% ROI.

In the end, no matter if you decide to add a small custom-built patio or an extensive detailed custom-built patio with an outdoor kitchen, you can’t go wrong! You will not only get to enjoy it while you live there, but it is also great for future owners! Whatever type of hardscaping you’re in the market for, contact A Stone’s Throw! We look forward to building your dream patio!