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Increase the Appearance of Your Home

fireplace mantle - stone veneer

As we head into the cooler months, we will find ourselves spending more time in our homes. And, chances are, during this time we will also find things that we want to do around our houses. Even if you’re not thinking about selling anytime soon, making some updates can increase the value of your home.

While a fresh coat of paint and some new handles can go a long way on increasing the appearance of your home, there are some updates that will make a room stand out! When you do go to sell, these home improvements can draw buyers towards your home, and could even get you a return on your investment.


One area of your home that you may want to consider updating is your fireplace. Updating the look with stone veneer and even a custom mantle, built by Swerl Design, can change the whole look of a room. For example, with this fireplace, we not only added stone veneer around it, we turned the whole wall into a stone veneer accent wall and added some custom-built mantles.

Bar Upgrade

If you have a bar in your basement, you may be looking at it and thinking it’s time for an upgrade. One way to do that is by adding stone veneer and also an epoxy bar top by Swerl Design! With this bar we upgraded previously, we also added some accent lights around it. The awesome transition from before to after really shows you what can be done with a simple bar.

Other Interior Upgrades

Other ways you can incorporate stone veneer into your home are by adding a stone veneer backsplash in your kitchen, adding an accent wall in any room of your house, turning your basement into a usable living space, or even covering up any pillars you may have in your house with stone veneer.

If you find that you have been looking around your home and want to make some improvements that involve stone veneer, give us a call. While you may think it’s a task you can complete yourself, you will find having a professional handle these improvements will ensure they are done correctly the first time.

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