Are Patios Better Than Decks?

Are Patios Better Than Decks?

firepit on stone patio

When looking at your backyard, is there an empty spot where it feels like something should
belong. Maybe a place to relax? Why not add something to extend to your outdoor living space?
Well, when looking at whether or not you should add a patio or deck, adding a patio is the way to

Both have respective ups and downs, but to fully meld into the landscape and connect your house
to the nature around it, a patio is the best choice! A patio offers a more upscale appearance, and
with a patio, you can add more plant-life to the surrounding area. This not only looks great
having nature blend together with a man-made structure, but it also doesn’t look as bulky and big
as a deck will standing out.

One of the biggest decisions in having a deck or patio installed is the price. Luckily, patios
usually cost less than decks and still give back a reasonable return on investment. This may
depend on size, but comparing similar sizes of patios to decks with the materials used and other
factors, patios cost still run lower.

The variety of options that come with adding a patio to your house is also greater than an average
deck. You have plenty of choices to choose from such as brick, tiles, granite, and plenty of other
materials varying in price, as well as color. You also have the ability to add on a custom-built
fire pit, oven, bar, and even benches that are all a part of your patio. Check out our gallery to see
some past projects we did to get some ideas.

One last reason paver patios are the better choice is, when installed properly, they require less
maintenance than decks. And, they can easily last longer than a deck without much upkeep.
If you’re thinking of adding onto your house, think of the difference a patio could make! Contact
us for our hardscaping services. We can not only build the patio for you but also help you design
it to meets your needs!